Add you favorite plugins to the wiki!

Help out with some useful info!

Folks, let’s try to capture some of our collected wisdom in the n-track wiki page (

In particular, I’d like to see a collection of good plugins and soundfonts for easy reference.

Wikis are easy to edit – just follow the examples of pages you edit, or when creating a new one start by editing a similar existing one, copying the contents, and pasting that into your new page.

For those who just can’t be bothered, post your recommendatations here and I’ll add them when I get time. Please include:

where to get it (website)
brief description
your opinions, if you like

I’ve planted 4 categories:
free & cheap effects
free & cheap instruments
premium effects
premium instruments

I arbitrarily set the cutoff at $75, but that’s negotiable. I figure most of us can spend that amount without, um, getting a signoff from the purchasing department.

Hunting for good ones is such a dreary task. Let’s help each other out!

Since n-Track supports both VST and DX, I didn’t bother identifying that, but feel free to include it if you like.


DAMN, I wish we could edit our posts!