Adding a new vst or dx effect


Hi…Well i posted this before but i forgot the answer to the question. Anyway, how do i get Amplitube to show up in my DSP & Track FX list? Can somebody give a step by step instruction on how to do this please? I was lookin for this in past pages on here but i couldn’t go back far enuff to find it. I’m runnin XP, P4, 512 RAM, 160 G drive, w/ an Audiofile 2496 & I LOVE N-TRACK!!! far :D :O

Is it a DirectX or VST plugin?

DX plugins need to be installed properly so they appear in the registry. Try uninstalling/reinstalling.

VST plugins needs to have their *.dll file in n-Track’s VST plugins directory (or a subdirectory thereof). Standard location is:

C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4\Vstplugins

If you’ve done all this and n-Track is still not listing it then maybe you’ve accidentally disabled it. Do “View” => “Master Channel Effects” => "Settings"

Otherwise I’m out of my depth. Anyone around here use amplitube?


right on the money mrtoad!

Yeah, i did all that, and now that i look at the back of the sleeve that the disc came in it’s got a little logo on it that says “stand alone” real nice & plain on it. :laugh: I got this w/ tha AP card i bought throught MF & I was under the impression it could be used as a plugin.

I’ve got Amplitude Uno which I downloaded from the offical site, it’s stand alone, but I’ve got no idea how to hook it up to ntrack. The full amplitude will work as a dx/vst effect and show up in the effect lists.