Adding Effects to a MIDI track?

E.g. Reverb, EQ

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Just had a flick through some topics & the search function but couldn’t find anything on this.

Is there any way I can add effects (for example reverb, EQ etc) to a MIDI track?

My scenario is this - I currently have a MIDI track in N-track with Battery VST loaded. The MIDI triggers a drum sound in Battery e.g. Snare.
From here, to EQ the snare I currently mix down the midi track to .wav, import the .wav to an audio track & then EQ.

Is there anyway I can just add effects as I go along so I don’t have to mixdown my MIDI tracks first?



Think I’ve discovered the answer actually - I can add effects to the output of the Battery VST, not the MIDI track?

Is this correct?

I’m not familiar with battery but a lot of vsti’s have internal effects. Chorus reverb etc…
Battery may focus on it’s thing over that though with pitch, mod, loop, tune etc.


I can add effects to the output of the Battery VST, not the MIDI track?

You got it. You can add FX to the OUTPUT of the VSTi/DXi all you want because it's audio at that point.


IF you are looking at the midi track inside Ntrack open up the mixer.

At the bottom of the mixer right under volume and pan control on the track that says “synth” is a little black box with green lettering in it, yours should say Battery, anywho if you click that box (not word battery the black area) a box should pop up with whatever FX plugins you have loaded in Ntrack.

WHen I do this I can add Long Echo to say a Sf2 VST “synth” track, you do not always here the sound FX right away, sometimes I have to stop the player and restart, then I hear the looooooooong Echo of an DirectX FX, I am assuming this would work with VST as well if I had a echo VST in ntrack.

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Thanks guys, that clears things up. Appreciated.