Adding Effects to Single Wave Events:  How?

In Cakewalk I just select section & add


I’m new to n-track, and I’m going over the demo to see if I want to register…

So far I like it very much, with one concern thus far. In my old Cakewalk 9.0 version, it was a very simple thing to add any effects to small parts of wave files. I like putting reverb on a single snare event, and delay on the next snare sound, etc…

I searched and couldn’t locate an answer here, so I pose the topic as “new”, and apologize if it’s old. Can anyone assist me?


Canoeflyer :D

You need choose and effect, then select the portion of the wav file you want to apply and then press “Ctrl-A”, a dialog box will appear. There you need specify “Selection”.

Another option, “non-destructive”, better in my opinion, is learn how to use AUX sends.

Thank you that was very helpful. It’s quite different in that it won’t apply the desired effect beyond the selection area. Cakewalk will allow you to pick a single event like a snare, and then add long delay or reverb - allowing it to play over the sound that comes after the selection area.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems n-Track will only add reverb or delay to sound within the selection, but the effect stops abruptly at the end of the selected area.

Is there no way to apply effect to the snare on the 2nd beat, allowing it to delay right on past the uneffected snare on the “4”?

Thanks for your time helping me with this.


To do what you want to do it would probably be best to put the effect on an AUX channel and then use the AUX send envelope to draw when you want to send the snare channel to the effect.

You can then also control the return of the effect as well if you want to cut the reverb trail etc.