Adding midi trk to existing song

Can’t seem to

When I have a song file loaded containing any number of wav tracks for that song and every time I try to add a midi trk.
The midi track appears as the only track in the song, and all the wav tracks disappear.
Is there a way to do that?

I’m sure I could load a midi track then add wav files but i have edited parts in the song with the wav files and want the midi trak added to that song for ease of bounce.
Any suggestions?

Short of “it shouldn’t be doing that” I don’t have a suggestion.

Maybe one question: Are you confusing the piano roll with the track window?

Hi Phoo,
No I’m trying this from the time line view.
Clicking on the folder icon up there under edit, surfing to my midi file and selecting it.
But when I try that, the midi file isn’t added as an additional track.
But totally takes over, the song then becomes one track, the midi track.
Maybe nTrack isn’t made to do that, or it’s a possible buger.
I know you can have mixed files types in your song, guess one can’t load midi at will.
Seems harmless though.

It’s not working Levi - file ya one of them there bug reports.

sorry, works OK here (6.0.3. build 2457 - Win 2K) - if the MIDI track fills the screen then you could be importing a MID0 SONG not a MIDI track -

USE - FILE - import MIDI track - and it works -

you dont say what build you are using ? latest build mey be faulty but have no need to download to it yet -


:agree: 10w40 guys i'll give both a'go tomorrow sometime if needed, thx.

When you say the wav’s disappear - are they still there when you hit ‘play’?

Quote: (TonyR @ Mar. 01 2009, 6:40 AM)

When you say the wav's disappear - are they still there when you hit 'play'?

Hi Tony,
They might have been but to mix and edit, it was useless to me at that point so I closed without saving.

Magic is right when you have a song loaded and want to add a midi file chose file, then import, and the midi file will show up on a track view with the rest of your wav tracks.

Just don't try to use the up and down arrows to move the midi file, that will make nTrack vanish.