Adding my new song to itunes?

Lets say I just got done editing a couple tracks for a song and I’m satisfied with what I have. How can I finish my song and send it into my itunes library. Thanks much.

If you want to sell your music, apply to be an iTunes artist:

(links on right side of page…)

If you just want to listen to the music yourself, just drag-and-drop the file onto your iTunes.

First, mix down the song to a wave or mp3. Then in iTunes, under file there is a “add file to library” or some such command. Use it to add it to your library.

i have the unregistered version. Will I still be able to mix down all of my tracks into one wave file?

Yes, but you will get the sound of an organ every few seconds in the mix…until you register of course. :)

The trick is to make the tone part of the music, of course. “It’s a stylistic thing - every song he does has the signature organ tone it - don’t you get it!!??” :)