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Instrument sounds

hi all, i’m trying to add a new sound, atm i’m trying to add a sound to n-track drums, mainly because i can see the folders where i can put a wavefile into. i’m just trying to add a sound effect, and am wanting to trigger it using midi. i can drop my wavefile into a drum preset in the library section, but it doesn’t pick it up in the actual instrument. i notice there’s these dk+ files, do u have to modify them to make it work? if so how? is there some other way?

i have also tried right clicking a blank pad on the instrument and using the "realtime sample replacer option to now avail…

my version of N-track is 4.2.1 build 2099

thanks in advance…

in N track drums library the wave files are the drum hits, the DK+ files are the styles that the drums playback in -

in the library folder there are two “KITS” folders, add a new folder to library, call it MY KITTS then add your new drum sound to that folder - then use replace to bring that drum onto a pad - remember N track drums can play LOOPS as well as single hits, i think it will play anything if its a wave file - try dropping some orchestral or Vox samples in the new folder and bringing them to a pad - great fun dropping an orchestra onto a pad - have fun -

Dr J

thinking about it as you are still using V4 - N track drums may have been upgraded - to keep upto date on NTD do this -

add new folder to hard drive called OLD PLUGINS - drag the N track drum folder out of Ns vst folder and into OLD PLUGINS folder -

now download V5 - find VST folder in V5 then drag the N track drum folder from there into the VST folder of V4 -

V4 has latest N track drums -

Dr J

thanks very much for your help dr jack :wink:


btw i have added way too many instrument channels, i can’t see for the life of me how to remove instrument channels :(

open the TRACK MIXER (icon on toolbar) - meter should show all tracks including instruments - at the bottom of each fader is a black box in which effects/instruments are shown - right click on the text in box of the instruments you want to remove and then click “remove effect”, that will remove the instrument and all outputs associated with it -

Dr J