adding same effect to multiple tracks

Hi, can anyone tell me if there is a way to add the same effect to more than one channel at a time. Someone just sent me 10 vocal tracks and I was hoping I could get a good eq and and add a little delay and somehow transfer that to all 10 tracks rather than doing each individually. Is that a possibility or am I indulging in a bit of wishful thinking.

There are several different ways that you might do this. If you’re only working with the vocal tracks you could simply put the effect on the main out. However, most of the time you have instrument tracks as well as vocal tracks. My favorite approach is to put the instruments into one group or two, and to the vocal tracks into a separate group.
The manual may give you the best instructions on how to set up a group bid here it is in brief. Look at the stripe that contains each vocal track. As you look from the top down you’ll see the number of the track than the Seder in the pan the settings to add RECORD mute and solo, then the built-in effects of EQ and finally a strip that will have the name of the main out that you have asssigned in your audio settings. If you hold your cursor over that you will get a tooltip that tells you it is the channel output. Click on the channel output and a menu will appear telling you that you can select several options including a group. These groups will be numbered. If you wanted to sign all 10 vocals to one group simply do that and then in the groups channels stripe ad the effects that you wish to use. Hope this helps,

Thank you bax3! Grouping it worked beautifully.