Adjusting Monitoring Levels

I have the Echo MIA with NTrack build 2099. The problem I’m having is that what I’m tracking is much louder than the tracks being played back. I remember when I had all of this installed on another computer, there was a seperate monitor level in the source input screen. Now it’s gone. How can I adjust my tracking source level seperatly from my other tracks?

That’s in the Echo Console, assuming the Mia uses the same or a similar console as the Layla and Gina. There should be a separate level for monitoring of each analog input pair.

Thanks for the response phoo. I probably should have phrased the question differently. The Echo console (for MIA) does have the level adjusters, but it also adjusts the signal that is to be recorded. It doens’t seem to have level adjustments specifically for monitoring.

In the prior setup on another computer, when opening the little hammer icon on the ‘Recording’ VU meter, it had an additional section that opened up to adjust the monitoring aspect of the incoming signal. But the adjustments did not manipulate the incoming signal level…just the output of that signal for monitoring purposes.

I guess I’ll try to revert back to an older driver version to see if Echo took it out of the new driver install.

I remember seeing a screen on one of the builds… I had to right-click on something… I can’t remember what… IT showed up when I was useing the Lexicon LDI-10T units… There are no repro level controls on the LDI-10T output amplifiers… Without these controls the level of each D-to-A signal paths were in the order of 10db higher than the A-to-D input levels. I am unable to remember the version or builds… that Flavio had coded this in… Is this what you are refering to?



I guess I’ll try to revert back to an older driver version to see if Echo took it out of the new driver install.

I wouldn’t do that. I’m using the latest drivers for the Layla and Gina (when it’s installed). I’ll have to mess with it when I get home. I don’t remember ever seeing this as a function of n-Tracks. But, yes, it was a matter of balancing the input and playback levels. I don’t currently have the Gina in my machine, so there could be some things I’m remembering about the Layla that don’t apply to the Gina (my other card) or your Mia (since I’ve never used the Mia).