Admittedly, I'm not the brightest bulb on

the XMAS tree. Giving up on n-Track

I’ve been a registered user of n for years, but I found long ago that I was spending more time tweaking it and fighting glitches in the program than creating music. I admit I’m just a dumb-a*s guitar player, but I just got completely frustrated, so I started using Cool Edit, but was unsatisfied because of no live vsti support, among other shortcomings. I’ve tried other multi-trackers, but they turned out to be even more “glitchy” and complicated than n. However, I’ve just discovered a great program called Tracktion. I’ve been using Tracktion for the last few days and am blown away! It took me all of one afternoon to figure it out (amazing for me!), and it does everything I want with little tweaking and no glitches or crashes! It may not have all the “bells and whistles” or “pro” look of n (although I’m still discovering cool things about it), but if you want to record quick, clean and straight forward utilizing an extremely simple, user friendly interface (I especially like the ease and simplicity of loading and playing softsynths and effects) try it out! I guess you can tell I’m really jazzed about this program, and oh yeah!, if you go to this link: you can get the program for free on a special promo! Regular $80. Cool!

I’ve been using n-Track for a few years and have loved the experience the whole time. I also tried traction awhile ago (Robert was promoting it), but didn’t like it’s interface, and found it very awkward. “Different strokes for different folks”, eh?

Good luck with your experience with Traction.


I tried traktion a while back as well and found it incredibly confusing compared to N.

I think if you are used to using a 4 track rape machine or similar n-track will be very easy to pick up as the principles are the same (arming/disarming tracks or inputs, routing etc.).
If not then maybe something like traktion will be more intuitive to someone used to some of the more “computer” based composition tools - reminds me of the old amiga mod plaer type of interfaces - just the look and feel (I never understood them either…)

But I’d say use whatever works best for you.
If you can get what’s in your head to come out of the speakers then all is good.


more intuitive to someone used to some of the more "computer" based composition tools - reminds me of the old amiga mod plaer type of interfaces - just the look and feel (I never understood them either...)

This sure brought back memories. :)

When Bars & Pipes came out I remember that the interface was panned by many reviewers as being confusing, and quirky. Quirky it was, with the angular shaped transport buttons, but confusing it wasn't unless you were used to the old computer way of doing things. In reality B&P was very much like running a tape machine, with the tools pipeline being like changing stomp boxes together with guitar chords. It was very natural and easy, unless you weren't a musician use to recording -- then it was downright strange.

But, you know, if there is something about the hardware software combination that makes n-Tracks unusable then there isn't much alternative except to try other things with the hopes that they will work better. We know that some machines just don't do well with it, and lots of tweaking doesn't seem to help, while the same machines seem fine with other apps. Who knows what the real problem is -- BIOS, chipset, BUS issues, even buggy software. It doesn't matter if it doesn't work for you.

I suggest to keep an eye on n-Tracks anyway, and if you ever switch machines (upgrade or just get a different machine, or even get a new sound or video card, upgrade bios, etc) to give it try again. Most folks have no problems with it using the default settings, so whatever the issue, it's the combination at fault.

(Don't trust anything Robert said....assuming this is the same Robert we know and love...he's got lots of growing up to do first.)

I downloaded the traction program also, it was free as everyone remembers the other day, still is i guess, I used it and it was nice, but had soime quirky ways and some limitations that i did not like. At the suggestion of some here i bought multitrack studios, I find it simple and easy for $70 it is rock solid, I found one plugin that it does not like sampletank2 free, and the builder is on it now. it has a sampler that rocks, it make sound fonts childs play. Having said that i am not giving up on NT yet, just waiting patiently for a few more bugs to be worked out.

You really found Tracktion’s interface easier that n-Track’s, etaws? I kind of like the way one inserts plug ins - the drag and drop thing. But the whole thing just seems so unintuitive to me. took me forever to get up to speed on it. I mean, it looks cool…but like Richlum said, n-Track just fits with my old teac 4-track mind…it just seems so obvious to me. :)

I wonder why Mackie decided to give Tracktion away? No more development? Or just to increase the user base? ???

always blows me away when ya here of these things happnin to to peeps usin NT,i must be the luckiest guy to have ever plugged in a mic cause from the day i downloaded N i had nothin but success with it,an that was on a “family puter”…i stil luse that machine,although i have tweaked an deleated other junk,its just an audio machine now,but im sayin it had like 120 ram or sumthin an the space the hard drive had was thimble size,an still i could lay down 6 tracks,with effects an she be stable,after 6 or so if i did sumthin stupid like try an open up an effect when it was playin,it would crash,that was the extent of my prob,which was no prob at all,now ill grant ya that my expectations an goals are diff from others here,but i was impressed that it was so easy to work an work well on no more then a compaq pressario,

I got traktion also and the transition was seamless to me…But I’m the tech coordinator at my school and I see a lot of wierdness in that job. I like it for a scratch pad I use n-track for professionalising my scratches. And for direct project stuff. You can’t have too many options!:blues:

Tracktion’s UI s*cks IMHO. It’s a throw back to graphics when PC’s first came out, some 20 odd years ago.

There’s nothing easier than the “N” IMO.

My acid test for a piece of audio software is “can I load a .wav file into it & do something in 5 - 10 minutes”. I tried to do that w/ a free version of Cubase once & I couldn’t even get started. Same with Cakewalk stuff.

IMO - the “best” audio interfaces are Sony Vegas & nTrack because they use the track based metaphor. If you can’t work with that metaphor, you’ve got no business recording, i.e., hire an engineer :laugh:

I may have been a little hasty in my verbal ejaculations, so to speak, concerning Tracktion. When recording, it seems to only be able to produce a midi track, which then needs to be rendered to wav if thats what is needed. This is a simple process and has it’s good points, however I’ve discovered a little problem! When recording a softsynth patch that has a percussive element/sound to it along with a melodic element, only the melodic element is produced in the midi track! WTF is that all about! Sh*t, back to the drawing board and maybe n after all.

N is easy as pie, as is MTS, I will say that if Sony Vegas did midi that would be my no one it is solid and flexable, It is sad that it does not do midi tracks

Multitrack looks pretty good but the demo version won’t let you use ASIO.
I’m not shelling out $120 for something I can’t test to see if it will work with my hardware setup…

Also I do like the timeline view in n.track. makes it real easy to see where wav file line up and all.
A lot of other apps it seem you can only view one wav form at a time. If you select one the others minimise.
Maybe I just haven’t played with the others enough


I was messin’ with Krystal a little while ago and that is easy as pie…importing files and adding FX easy./…

I have the pro version of Multitrack studios, and i just knocked out two songs in two hours time and it is real smooth, I have only had one glitch and that was one tim when i shut down it would not open say it was alerady opened, so i had to reboot, but the sampler and the fx are flawless, i did not buy the $120 just the $69 so if i reall ylike it and Flavio does not work most of the bugs from this I will upgrade. I also like the time line in N, MTS you can open the edits on each track and look at the time line that is close but still not as good, it does have a real neat feature, if you have a ambient noise between vocals, like an anoying breath or crunch of paper, you can highlight and cut it out so fast it is unbeleivable.

I think a lot more patience with N would help you in the long run. I would think a few years of using N would bring you to the point of being able to dial up settings quite quickly and naturally.

After only a few uses you were (are) ready to trash N, then to discover that the latest and greatest isn’t such an animal.

I am still running N 3.3 and I don’t know if I will upgrade for awhile. I am a believer that just the act of chasing after the latest isn’t necessarily going to bring great dividends. I have read that with minimum tools, experts can churn out art. I think N is a great tool…and I am sure when Flavio fixes the new version it too will be a powerhouse. Until then, There is still a lot to learn using my intuition, my current ability as an instrumentalist, and a strong desire to learn to use the tools I have at my disposal!

If you need extensive midi, why not just buy Fruity Loops Edition and run it as a VSTi in N or Tracktion? It works great in both of them and nobody’s “do it all” DAW software can touch FL for midi. Just load FL as a VSTi in N and you can sequence and send up to 16 separate stereo channels straight into N’s mixer as audio and mix like any other audio. How cool is that??? :laugh:

In n-Track to get rid of noises between vocals or whatever you just have to draw the volume envelope. I can’t miagine an easier way to do it, other than a highlight and click sort of procedure. But one wants the edits to be as precise as possible, so in the end I know I’d not use that sort of method, I’d still draw the envelopes manually. Speed sometimes needs to be balanced against careful editing, I guess. How exactly does MTS do it?

(Also, I try to leave in breathign noises, it makes things sound more natural, FWIW). :)

Just a thought, if your not doing clean installs with nTrack upgrades, that could be the problem… I got a little frustrated too after yrs of using n, then downloading 4.0 over 3.3 and all going haywire! I tried many many diffrent programs and none had the really cool freatures of nTrack… So as a last resort I did a clean install and that made the diffrence… Stability is a must! It’s working nice now and a cool version!

Quote (TomS @ Dec. 18 2004,07:55)
(Also, I try to leave in breathign noises, it makes things sound more natural, FWIW). :)

Not HEAVY breathing? :laugh: