ADOBE Elements 4

How to Burn A DVD

I’m hopeing one of you guys has experience with ADOBE elements 4 Its a video editing software.

The problem that I’m haveing Is when I get to the end and want to burn to a dvd…

I get a message beside Status : Media Not Present

So I Try a diferent way…copy to a folder and It wont burn the movie…I’m stuck…been playing with this for days now

can some one help me here please

Just a quick thought -
‘Media Not Present’ usually means what it says.
It can occur for several reasons that I can think of.
1 You use a CD instead of a DVD in the recorder
2 You think your DVD unit is capable of burning when it isn’t (spec wise)
3 The burner program needs to be set up to recognize your hardware.
(Maybe there is a hardware set-up tab somewhere)

You’ll get it.

Thanks seven…I got It Now…there was a setting that needed to be changed