Advice on Creative X-Fi Extreme Soundcard

Need some help with setting up :slight_smile:

Hey, guys.
Taking a long shot I was wondering if any of you have any experience using the Creative X-Fi Extreme Audio sound card with N-Track.
I just got a new Dell computer with this soundcard and I can’t seem to get my N-Track going anymore. I know it’s not exactly a pro audio card, but my old card wasn’t either and it worked fine.(My old computer used a Soundblaster Audigy 2 card).
The analog input doesn’t seem to be recognized, the ASIO4ALL drivers don’t work at all.
Pretty much nothing is going my way.
Anybody have any advice or tips at how to get up and running again?
I don’t need anything fancy, just a single input for my guitar and being able to hear and record. Thanks for any and all advice!!

What’s the deal with the optical jack in the back? Is that usable as an input? I’m having a hard time finding info on it.

The Asio4all drivers are on and it’s playing the audio which is good, but I still can’t record.
I notice that when it plays the VU meter for recording looks like it’s going with the music, as if it’s recording its own output.

Edit: It’s crackling and popping, CPU’s shooting up beyond 100%, not really working. sigh

How are the USB input devices? Is there noticable lag when recording?

Get your Audigy back and your problems will end, but to get to the point about the X-FI and n-track, you’ll be able to record but track bleeding will prevent you from recording single tracks because the audio playing back will bleed onto your track your recording. I don’t think the creative drivers work very well at all and in fact suck the big one, and the ASIO4ALL driver will suffer the track bleeding too on the X-FI but not the Audigy. I tried in get the same thing working but couldn’t get around the track bleeding with the X-FI cards. Go with an Audigy, any kind and the ASIO4ALL drivers and you’ll be good to go.


Thanks, Paco. Yeah, this card is a nightmare in general. It crackles and pops out of random surround speakers even while surfing the web. The reviews on it are terrible. I’m taking this out ASAP and going to get a new card. Anyone reading, do NOT buy this sound card!