Advice on sound cards

Advice on sound cards

Basically I need some advice about soundcards. I had been using an Audigy v1 with an internal breakout box, but upgraded my computer earlier in the year and my new mobo doesnt have enough PCI slots to include my old card. I only have room for a PCIe card.

I need to be able to connect a mic, guitar, and stereo synthesisers (although not necessarily all at once as I always record solo). I also need MIDI control.

What new Soundcards (on a budget) could I invest in that would give me all the inputs and MIDI control I need?

Also, does anyone know if the old breakout box from my Audigy can be re-used with new or recent Soundblaster products such as the X-Fi? I read somewhere that it can, but when I look at photographs online of the PCIe X-Fi cards I can’t see the connectors.

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One of the in-house wizards will catch up with you soon.

These work.

How about a USB device, like that low cost Tascam ones?


Have you tried that piece of kit Tom, or do you know anyone who has?

If so, I’d be interested in reading a review. The idea of a high impedance guitar level input looks very appealing.

Well, Poppa had, as does ange…

As the guys here know I am goo goo for firewire, been using it for years, first with the M-audio and now with the Mackie ONyX1620.

You can get a 2 Port PCI Express 1394a FireWire Card just about anywhere on the net for under $20, then use your choice of analog to digital interface/mixer.

I just sold off my old M-audio interface on Ebay for $45, that was comparable to the Audigy, but my advice would be if you have to invest in new gear always upgrade to something a notch or two better.

READ the reviews! no matter what type of I/O you end up going with you will be better able to gauge the value of each device by their field tested performance, cheap gear isn’t always worth the hassle, and expensive gear isn’t always worth it’s price either.

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I have a Tascam US-1641. Nice.

Also used an Edirol UA-25. That was great.

USB interfaces can be fussy if the bandwidth/buss gets hogged by other devices. No problem on my DAW. Even on my old, entry-level-even-back-then Dell laptop I can record 14 analogue tracks at once if...... I have a logon just for "music" and a batch file that stops all the unnecessary services and apps.