I’m getting better, doing 3 and 4 part harmonies…I do 12 tracks no problem, but at some point around my 14th track…it no longer is in time…it records at a different speed, so I cant just re-line it up…Why?
Oh…Theres no going back either…no "just erase a few tracks and re-save…the whole song file is shot.
Is it just my PC crapping out?
I have a 64 bit, Win7, 8gb Ram…using n-track 5.1.1 build 2313.

how do you “bounce” several tracks into one track in n-track…would that help?
Also, I tend to do a lot of takes (tracks)…then delete that ones I dont want…does that cause issues?


Not sure about your sync prob.

Bounce - Mute the tracks you don’t want to bounce and then do a mix-down of the tracks you want and naming it “bounce mix 1” or whatever. Then import it either into a new project/song saved as “title2” or back into the original project/song.

The Mute should help - but check in the Settings and make sure it is marked to mot play when muted - this will take some of the processing out of the situation and should/may solve the problem. It you are using any effects on the recording, turn them off until you have all the tracks done. Tony is also correct that a mixdown of tracks will certainly help, but if you are like me, you want everything done before you do that. However, you can do the mixdown and use it to record addition tracks, then reload the original tracks and remix when all is done.

OK, Not finding any “bounce” function I had already done the mute unwanted and mixdown thing. So now I know thats how it is done in n-track. I’ll have to check for “not to play”. Yes, I’m like you bax3. I dont want to “lock in” several tracks together…But I hadny thought of adding them in later so thanks.
So…I take it this phenomena is normal? I wish it would crap out without locking all the other existing tracks forever.
Anyway of somehow reversing the damage. I dont understand why I can just reload a couple of the single tracks (.wav files) into a new project file and continue adding new tracks.

I don’t think the problem is unique to N_Track. It has more to do with the delay in processing the signal that the sound card is using to play and record the sound. For instance, if you turn off the LIVE button you will get a much better/faster pass through of the recorded sound (Try turning off the LIVE button in the menu bar). When the playback is processed by the computer it slows down enough that you are actually adding new sound Behind what was recorded - the tracks are not in sync. All those effects and tracks each have to be processed by the computer while the new track does not have to do as much processing to record straight to disk - Turning the buffers to very fast can help up to a point, but then you may get some pops and crackles.
The advise we are giving translates to - do what you can to reduce the amount of processing the computer has to do to play back.
You can reduce the load and effective mute open tracks by un-checking:
Settings > Preferences > "Read data from Tracks even when muted"

Thanks! I unchecked the read data /mute…I don’t activate the live processing. Don’t use the sound card, I have a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB interface. I bet adding memory to the PC would help. Wish I could go back and fix the ones that got screwed.

8 gb of memory should be enough memory. You said the tracks will not line up - that they are at a different speed. In properties are they all recorded at the same sample rate?
If the properties are the same you should be able to move the tracks to line up - it’s a chore but possible,
Are you saying that the tracks gradually slow down?
If that is the case: It sounds like the write to the hard drive may not be working well. Are you using a hard drive with 7200 rpm? If the drive is near full, clear some space on it and see if that doesn’t help. Is the drive set for “Write-cashe” enabled ( control panel > hard drive > policies )

Also, PnG, if you are using effects on each individual track (which I personally don’t recommend as a habit; it’s okay if you’re adding delay or some other effect to a certain part of a track, like a guitar part), then I would freeze the track after you are finished recording it. This will process the track with the effect in it and during playback, the processor won’t have to work to process the effect while playing the track. Keep a watch on your CPU Usage meter down in the right hand corner and try it keep it at 25% or less. Some may work okay at a higher %, but why push it.

Freezing a track is a great tool, and it is not permanent; you can always unfreeze the track if you need to make changes to the track, and then you can refreeze it. You can also use frozen tracks in you mix down, too, which may be necessary.

Thank you!, -Just seeing your post on freezing! I wondered what “freezing” was. It sounded “perminent” so I never messed with it. Indeed I had 2,3,4 effects on each track when this happened, also I had added colors to the different tracks. So I have learned not to doctor up tracks until they are all recorded. I havent used the CPU meter and I’ll watch that from now on.
I was able to repair a damaged song. I swear the recording speed /tempo was at 0. But last time I opened it, it was at .99…switching it to zero and resaving the song fixed it so I am now able to work with that song again.