Africa by Toto

An acoustic cover

Hi everyone,

Sorry if I’m a posting hog -I’m on vacation, so I’m getting lots of loose ends tied up. The vocals for this were hard - the verses are so loooowww. Nothing like trying to cover a bloody masterpiece! I hope you enjoy…

Very nice, really enjoed it. Clean sound, good vocals.

I’m Jealous…



I am not sure how much I liek the vocal production. There is just something sizzly over it. I think it is a slap back echo that is a bit too much and maybe too short. Also, the piano sounds like it is in a different room form the rest of the instruments. I might take another look at the use of reverb on the whole mix. The harmonies ARE great and I dig the over all feel. Holy moly, I haven’t heard that song in forever.

Good comments Bubbagump,

Very helpful man, thank you!


Despite my gripes, I listened to it 3 or 4 times last night… so you are certainly in the right direction.