Alesis firewire and 16 bit

Cannot select 16 bit

Does anyone have any idea why N will not let me select 16 bit on the playback settings?I have the alesis asio selected and it self selects 24 bit. I can check the packed 16 on recording setting but that does not help me with playback. I have tried everything but am stuck listening to the demo tone. Other people are using alesis with 16 bit selected
so I am a little mystified.

looking at the Alesis website there are three firewire units - they all carry the following info

24-bit, 44.1/48 kHz operation with high-end A/D and D/A conversion through integrated FireWire audio interface using -

so there is no 16bit option on them - looks like you have to upgrade to the 24bit version of N

Dr J

I guess I was in denial and thought that selecting 16 packed took care of it. $25 later and all is well.

such a small price to pay for such GOOD sound

Dr J