all shure-57 song

3 57’s and good ears make good song

I posted this over at Audiominds forums ('minds is good for the ears, BTW) and thought it would be good break from v5 musings.

Maybe it’s because I’m poor and all I own are 57’s and maybe its because I’m in the middle of a full length project using only the 57’s I’ve got (… and I could use a little encouragement!!) but I came across this article including a recording of a song using only 57’s and thought it good for fodder here at 'minds.
I would be plenty happy if my work were on par with this … I would improve on a few areas (or try, anyway) which he mentions actually, but overall it is a good encouragement (for people like me) to spend less on gear and more on practice behind the desk.

The second link is a redundent but (at least for me) good reminder for the home recording artists.

all 57 song

Why don’t my songs sound pro?


Those are great articles! :)

Great stuff! What a great reminder that keeping it simple is rarely a bad move!


Tell you what- The rythym tracks are very tight. He said he did it all in one take. Not many people can do that. He didn’t mention using a click track.

15 minute mix. Hmm, must have some good pre-sets.