All sound files shifted

Opened a song file and all of the wav files had shifted and are now out of synch. Some I can return to their original positions, but others much more problematic. Why did this happen? Is there a way to restore the song so that all wav files are back in their proper positions?

I think I have solved the problem. Somehow, the sampling frequency in Preferences was changed, probably by opening a different song. Then, when I opened the song in question, it had the wrong setting, causing the shifts. Next, by coincidentally opening a song with the same sample frequency as the song in question, the setting got changed back. Opening the song in question after this resulted in proper synchronization.


on opening a project, if the sampling frequency of the song is different from the one set in preferences, n-Track should adjust the length and the offset of each audio/MIDI part, to make the song sound correctly in terms of speed/pitch, no matter the preferences sampling frequency.

The problem you’ve experienced should be a particular case in which the whole sampling frequency compensation logic is not working properly.

Could you please send me the .sng that manifested the problem and a list of actions that caused it, to help me to reproduce it?
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I'm curious if this issue has been resolved Andrea. It's seems the most recent forum posts are versions of this same issue. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help.