All that reverb

Anyone else noticing excessive amounts of reverb on vocal tracks? Seems every christmas themed song on tv has saturated vox. From CMT to ABC

I could hardly understand what you said, it was so reverby.

:cool: Oh that's why lol

Whawhawhawhattatatat diddididididdiiiidddddd youyoyoyoyoiiyoiyyoyyoyu ssssssasasasasassasyaasyaysayy?

Where is everybody, any way? You’d think it was a holiday.

Some of it is a sign of the times when the songs were recorded. Another reason is inexperienced engineers. Much of the sign of the times oververb came about because it was a new effect, especially when plates came around.

It’s ironic. Snow makes everything so quite and soft.

I know I always drenched stuff in heavy long verb, for years.
Too much Joe Meek. Not so much now.

Yeah but it sounds sooo purddy! It would be cool take a shower in that stuff :laugh: verrrrrb
:cool: Or better yet get some verb for your car’s exhaust system!

Quote: (phoo @ Dec. 27 2009, 12:03 AM)

It's ironic. Snow makes everything so quite and soft.

True! Must be some influence of the cathedral kind of environment.

I wish I knew how to control reverb better. Think my favorite album that seems drenched in reverb is Iron Maiden’s “Somewhere in Time”. They pulled it off somehow giving it a nice, big, spacious feel. Of course, it helps if you can sing like Bruce Dickinson.

EQ pre reverb is the ticket. You can get away with a ton of reverb IF you EQ they send properly… otherwise you have build up of frequencies and create mud. Also many times a delay is a much more effective tool as it creates the feeling of space without the long tail.

I don’t care for reverb. I prefer echo.


Gotta love a bit of reveb, but too much spols everything. It’s such a fine line.


Oops, too much ange? ???

What do you have against delay, flanders?

:cool: what are all thoes glugging chugging sounds now? Aaaaa it's new years eve yummy! <3yummy