All That You Can Do Is

Do What You Can

A recording of a song by my good friend and former bandmate, Scott Olson, of Madison, WI, called “Do What You Can”:…t=music

Nice catchy tune there.
Can’t fault it as always.

Tight vox there man. Do you find it sounds better recording two vocal tracks rather than cloning the original? Never tried it but I’m interested…

i much prefer manual double-tracking of vocals/guitars, gets a bigger, more present sound.

I had to double track the vocal, b/c the higher notes, believe it or not, are out of my range, and sounded weak. I dunno if I’d like your voice double tracked, craig, since it is so good. But I’d like to hear you try it.

In any case, I’m with JDET - I prefer real double tracking to “ADT” - but really they are two different beasts, two different sounds.

I’m going to get the guy who wrote the song to sing it - he has a great voice for this sort of thing.
(doncha, Scott?!)

Another cool one! I really dig the guitar! :agree:

Reminds me of someone - I just can’t 'member who.

I like it! Nice track. Reaper?

Awsum Tom. As usual!

“Big Star” maybe Poppa?


finally got to hear it.
it’s way groovy.
that quarter-note snare really drives the verses. the backing vox (‘all that you can do is’) seemed a little too set back for me.
i would’ve liked them more up front.
but that’s just me, i guess, growing up on CSN.

Kick ass man.

I dig the vocals and the doubling effect - Um, don’t have any constructive criticism at all - I assume it sounds kinda muffly because of MP3 encoding…

Listening again…very very tightly performed!


MP3s suck!
I’ll be selling t-shirts with that printed on them!
only 55 USA dollars each!

JDET - the background vox are low, I dunno why I did that - when we first recorded that song in about 1991 we had a great compressor - blue thing, think it was perhaps an Orban? Dunno, but it had a de-esser that did the nasal thing really, really well, and the background vox were all nose-compressed. I thought it sounded totally cool.

Reaper, Poppa?
Is that an English word?

Big Star!
Radio City and #1 Record - two greatest LPs of all time!


Thanks guys!

Quote: (TomS @ Jun. 04 2008, 8:55 PM)

MP3s suck! I'll be selling t-shirts with that printed on them! only 55 USA dollars each!

Do you take PayPal? :laugh:

It seems a CRIME to lovingly craft a mix until it is "just so" and then ruin the darn thing with mp3 suckiness... *sigh*

I dig the tune Tom. Great job!


MP3’s, they is what they is.

Guess you know that only musicians and audiofreaks bitch about 'em. The rest of listening public could give a rats arse.
If I can dance to it then it rocks! :laugh:

Yaz (can’t dance at all)