all you midi drummer folks

Monster MIDI Pack

Hmmm… only 19 bux! I might be able to swing that… Although it will wipe out the aforementioned 401K… :laugh: (Hey it ain’t funny…)


PS Thanks Poppa!


it will wipe out the aforementioned 401K... :laugh:

I just got the nerve up to look at my 401(k) statement for the first time since last year. I'm only down $14,000 from this time last year. (I was expecting worse.) Of course, it's not as if I was set for life then.

what’s a 401k? Alesis, Mackie?

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Apr. 17 2009, 11:59 AM)

what's a 401k? Alesis, Mackie?

With what mine looks like, ANYTHING by Alesis or Mackie is out of the question... Well... maybe a knob or input jack but that's about it... Specially if I blow 19 bux on that MIDI pack! :)


PS Kev, mine was down over 6% first quarter... *sigh* Oh well... maybe I can scrape by on the 127 million left... (I wish...)

A little bit of hyper-inflation, and you’ll need that 127 million just for groceries.

Hey, how did my drummer get in that?

oh Levi - by the way… do you have the Virtual Glass Windows beta plugin yet?