Allright, it's just for fun...


Here’s an early attempt at recording into my Tascam 788, importing to n-Track, and perking it up for you, the hapless listener.
Thanks to all the friendly help here at the forum- this is unfolding into a good and worthy experience!

Be warned- it’s rough, and unfinished. I’m just enjoying the idea. It’s all bass guitar…


Nice bass work. Welcome to the world of cyber music. Glad that you chose Motagator.

I beleive that if you need “deep-linking” to a specific song you will need to upgrade your account. Still a real bargain though.


Thanks. When I get some more tunes together, and maybe more of a finished product, I’ll upgrade. But for the bubble, you get a nice little opening page of your trippy (maybe scary in my case) self. Very nice! And the ability to download a tune without spending 20 minutes or whatever registering is certainly a plus…

Thanks again for the link.