Also cool.


You all saw this, I guess?


Kudos to the young man indeed! Excellent… :agree:


We only get a glimpse of the tubes underneath. Lots of crooks and bends and whatnot. Must have been a few hours in the making.

Yup, brilliant.

That kid is not constrained by any aspect of the entertainment business…

He’s got a bright future ahead of him, if he pursues his calling…
He seems to be able to include his audience and their participation, into his performance…

I wantta be his producer…



Quote: (TonyR @ Dec. 05 2010, 4:00 AM)

Yup, brilliant.

Yep, we know where he got the idea.

or did he?
this idea goes way back.

I bet there was some such instrument in the 1920s. I will check patent applications. :laugh:

these guys used to put on a great show and would often use big steel piping amongst other things.

Well, it turns out that in the text known as “The Excellence (Arete) of Music” by little-known late 2nd century BCE Greek historian and Aristotelean μπλε άτομο, there is a reference to “tubes of the sort employed by the barbarians in Persia to channel water to their [military] encampments” also being used musically, not only to blow through (“producing an eerie sound like that of a sacrifice in his last moments”) but also “struck forcibly with a leather flap to produce a sound like the flesh of a horse drawing a chariot, being hit by the charioteer.” apparently the Persian warriors approved of the military quality of these tubes used this way. Perhaps the technique did not catch on in the West because the inventors were regarded as uncivilized?

Nice routing, Tom. Trying to imagine the sound of sacrifice?
It is but a drum, after all. One that you hit with the skin. s’good.

Ah, you don’t appreciate history, Tony. :laugh:

Quote: (TomS @ Dec. 05 2010, 6:19 PM)

Ah, you don't appreciate history, Tony.

Why should he? It's OVER! :laugh:


PS History is like old girl friends. Kinda fun to look at once in a while, but you really don't care...

UJ, you do not have the soul of a romantic.

Quote: (TomS @ Dec. 05 2010, 7:39 PM)

UJ, you do not have the soul of a romantic.

Au contraire mon frere...

Nuff said... :laugh:

Womerns likesat...


Ah, I stand refuted.