ALso, I switched from 16 to 24 bit and ...

A lite backround buzz is going

I use a sound blaster 24 live card. If the buzz isn’t there at 16 why at 24???

Also, whats up with the tuner? It only works while live? Also whats going on w/ live? On my machine it causes a delay. I’ve got a 2.5 Ghz with 256ram (win xp). Isn’t that enough?

Something that people always suggest for the Soudblaster is to use 48KHz sampling rate and make sure that Settings/Midi Settings/Timer to use is set to “Wave”.

I believe that the tuner only works with “Live” by design. The delay that you’re hearing is due to your buffering settings - these can be altered in Settings/Recording Settings/Buffering. Basically, the lower the buffering, the lower the delay, but the higher the chances of glitches such as pops and clicks, so the trick is to get this as low as possible without encountering problems.

You should also confirm that you are using the Asio or WDM drivers as these tend to give the lowest latencies. If you have problems with one, try the other.