Am I the only one...

…having a n-T mixer looking like this?

Mixer stripes tend to have different height every time you open Track mixer. (Look at picture link below)


I have addressed Flavio a couple of times about it but never received an answer…
I also find it annoying that you can’t choose “Stripes per row” anymore WITHOUT having “Resize automatically” turned on = Short stripes

So do you have this problem also…or is it me…beeing raised in a bad way… ???

You are not the only one. It use to annoy the crap outta me too. I turned video acceleration down in Windows and it does it less frequently now. Also, the “zipper” noises I use to get when dragging the mixer while a song played are gone. There are still a few video related anomalies that bug me, but they have not prevented me from working.

Matrox G450 dual graphics adapter. Latest drivers.


Thanks. Good …(?) I almost started to believe I was seeing things… :;):

I’m having Matrox G550. Full acceleration but no “zipper noises”.

I think Flavio should do something about it. It gives a “flaky” impression even if, as you say, it maybe doesn’t influence stability in any other way.

Quote (Fytrius @ April 22 2006,12:51)
I think Flavio should do something about it. It gives a "flaky" impression even if, as you say, it maybe doesn't infuence stability in any other way.

I agree. Especially as it has been going on for a BUTTLOAD of builds and is STILL happening.

I think it started showing up for me when I had to ditch V3.3 to get a build of n-Track that would work well with my EMU card.


I’m also having a visual issue: I renamed a wav file, and the file left the box it “lives” in, fine… then re-appeared - but part of the waveform is now missing! I can’t get it back, but it still plays.
I started a thread on this- because it bothers me in a significant way.

I’m using an ATI Rage 128 All-In-Wonder. Maybe I need to upgrade? But you guys have better cards, maybe, and have trouble…

I can’t really see how what you described would be a graphic card issue. I also had similar problems before, but not with the latest builds. I think it’s n-T having “visual problems” in all sort of ways.

If you are thinking of upgrading anyway; be aware of that our Matrox cards are bad 3D performers.

This is happening to me also and I have Nvidia.

Also, If you screw around enough and resize and regenerate the box you can get it to display correctly (occasionally). But once I get it right…if I load another song that has more or less tracks the box doesn’t shrink or grow (having selected the resize automatically option). If I uncheck the option and then go back and recheck the option the box will resize…hardly automatic.


This is, for me, a confidence issue. I’m not adept enough with PC guts and works to know “what or why”, much of the time. I wish the UI didn’t do this crazy s**t; you just don’t want things jittering at you or leaving the scene while you’re trying to concentrate, know what I mean?

Fytrius, it does help to get confirmation that I don’t need to go buy something! … 'cept for a second HD and some additional RAM. No need to add to a short list!

Hi sloom:
As you know, I have an ATI AIW 128 ProAGP Card in the P-111 ASUS Intel 1.2mhz DAW that has none of that… and no zipper noises… I don’t know what I’m doing and All, but this is working fine on this end…

In fact… I’ll post the Driver versions right now for this XP Desk and the version of the capture utility…


Driver File atidvaa.dll

Release version

I forgot to mention… The card is assigned to IRQ 11 if that is any help… and windows defaulted …

The Capture utility for the card is v7.1… I don’t know the build…

Could there be something else on this setup that might help you with the setup you have?

I have two audio cards on the Mainboard… One is in the Third IDE port and the other one is in the Fifth IDE Port… All of the ports are filled with one card-or-another… including modem, network, raid, and USB extension cards…


Bill, I’ll print this and bring it down to the machine when I get a chance here. Thanks for the thorough spec!

I’m having a new issue- the mixer panel now takes up the entire screen, or maybe it’s way over to one side- then when I hit F3 to lose it and go back to the Timeline, I have a blank, grey screen. I have to pull the Timeline window up from the bottom of the screen! Every time.

Settings don’t seem to help. I’ll go back later when I bring your specs down to the Laundry Room.

Cool mang, I’ll post what comes of it!

Yes I have the same visual problems with the mixer.
ALWAYS happens if you have a song with 2 rows of faders (one above the other) in hte mixer and then if you then open another song with less tracks that only take up 1 row in the mixer, some (I think mainly midid tracks) are stretched to take up the whole height of the mixer window and others only take up half…
kinda annoying, but doesn’t affect functionality.