AM vocal Pluggin? EFX?

Lookin’ for that old time AM sound.

Hey guy’s anyone know were to find an AM sounding plugg?
Have a certain project that needs it for the vocal.

Thanks in advance…


Are you talking about an “AM radio” sound? Or is this some effect I have not seen yet? If all you are wanting is an AM radio sound, this can be done by “cutting both high frequencies and below 700 hz while dramatically boosting around 1.5 kHz” (Franz, David. Recording and Producing in the Home Studio. p198.) The concept behind this is that in order to send the sound over long distances (like over AM radio or over the telephone), they save transmision space by sending the most important part of the signal (around 1.5 kHz). If this isn’t realistic enough for you, you could also add just a tad of signal noise in the background. But just a little.


Yeah I used to have an old silver looking mic that had reverb and echo built right into the mic stand. It looked like an old mic from Elvis pictures…kinda like what Brian Selter uses.
I was hoping there’s a plug out there that could produce the same effect. Rather than cutting frequencies and all that–just lazy i guess…tehe

You could probably come up with something using Izotopes Vinyl plug. It’s free. Just turn down the knobs that make it more like an old record, and fiddle with the functions that adjust the “year” the record was pressed so to speak.

one of the mda plugin packs has a amp sim plug called combo. it has a preset called “radio” that i’ve used to get that “megaphone” type of effect for vocals.



Thanks Dyers, I have that Vinyl plug( ~thanks learjeff) but never could get it to work. I’ve tried several time to reinstall it and re-register it, the’ve emailed me the info twice.-- still no go. I don’t know if it’s a system requirement thing I’m lacking or what goin’ wrong. I only have one other VST plugg and it works just fine.
I’ll have to look up that mda pluggy thingy thanks e-man. :blues:

One other suggestion… to get an old AM radio sound, get an old AM radio.

You can either try to get an inexpensive AM transmitter (EBay, Radio Shark, small electronic kit) and feed it with an aux or line out.

Or if you’re electronically inclined, you can open the radio, find the volume control and feed your line out into the volume control.

Then you mic the radio and record.

Standard Safety Disclaimer - don’t open or mess with an AC-powered radio unless you absolutely know what you’re doing, please. You could hurt yourself, or even worse, you could fry your PC. A battery-powered radio would be safest.

You might also try recording the vocal track to a cassette, then playing the cassette back on a cheap portable with a small speaker.

AM broadcast is notorious for using lots of compression, so be sure to compress before feeding to the radio or tape or further processing, especially if you want that old “top-40” sound

There is an impulse out there from a Yamaha unit i think called “radio blag” - it works in SIR and sounds like you are on the radio. I’ll see if I can find the impulse. :)

Turn off Multithread DX Plugs in your prefferences and set Ntracks proirity to its highest. Should work then.

The warp function may crash Ntracks though. Never has for me, but Izotope put a warning that if you the Warp it might crash what you are using. Warp function comes turned OFF though and you have to do something special to turn it on.

Thanks guys all helpful suggestions…I’ll try gettin’ the Vinyl plug to work again…

I just noticed that the free Classic EQ plugin has a ‘RADIO’ preset that might be useful to you.

Hope this helps you out.


Thanks for the link, I’ll definitly check it out, uruscumbag out.