AMD Sempron 2800+ ?

Will ntracks and sempron mix together

I have a desk top computer that I use with ntracks that works fine. But now I need something mobile. Will the AMD Mobile Sempron 2800+ work smoothly with ntracks does anyone know?

The cpu will be fine. Probably the least of your worries compared to say, laptop HD speed, compatible USB and/or firewire port chipsets. Not often a big deal, but it does pop up occasionally (edirol and USB, motu and firewire).

Well, in response to your email:

You’re going to have to research what soundcard you’re going to use with the laptop, and then search faqs and google for any problems that might pop up. For example, MOTU specify TI or Lucent (also known as agere) firewire chipset controllers, as NEC have been found to cause problems. I recently read about Edirol and USB, but can’t recall exactly what the problem was but googling suggests that they prefer Intel USB controllers.

Sometimes there are hotfixes that need to be applied for devices to work properly under certain service packs (I had one for my hercules 16/12 under SP2, and an update for the UA-1000 was for USB2 under SP1)

If you’re going to use the stereo line in on the laptop you probably won’t have many problems besides the possible crappy drivers for the generic on board sound, and a 4200rpm HD won’t have a problem recording a single stereo track, but might later on if there are many tracks playing at the same time as recording.

Research, research, research. Mind, I reckon things are much easier these days than what they were.

Make google your friend, grasshopper.