American Dream

less is more…sometimes

I’m gettin’ away from the whole “soundin’ like a band”, and big production for while, and stickin’ to one man, and his guitar. "Cause really, what else is there?

American Dream

If this doesn’t move you, you might want to check your pulse, cause you just might already be dead.
I kept this sample short for net purposes but I do plan on making it the standard 3:05 for radio.

Also available for your listening pleasure along with other jingles:
Stream site

As usual I’m open to any input or criteqein’.


I guess different people are moved by different things cause frankly, I didn’t find this song moving. It might have been better if I could have actually heard the words though, all I really heard was snare drum. It seems like the vocals could use harmonizing on the chorus. I was hearing your “as long as I’m living the American dream” (?I think those were the words?) with a higher part along with it in my head. Not horrible, but it definitely needs more work, mixing and instrumentation-wise. Hope you can handle the constructive criticism, cause I would only want people to tell me the truth about my stuff. Cheers, bro!

Thanks for shootin’ it straight.
Yeah, I know it need alot of work.
Regulars around here know how I do.
I usually post a new song as soon as it’s written, then people watch as I disect and transform it, along with their suggestions.
If I get no, reponces at all, I just junk it and move on.
Which BTW was what I was planning for this one, but hey, I’ll give your ideas a shot and see if they help.
Tnaks again