Ampeg 2 x 15 cab for sale...

For Sale!

SVT-215E cab. 2 15" drivers, 200 RMS at 8 ohms each- cab rates at 400 RMS, 4 ohms.

Frayed Tolex, beer stain on the lower speaker, but it’s a tank. Bullies forward with great deep bellowing bass, throttling mids, and some nice shimmer up top.

Towel rack and wheels, speakers and cab are all in fine performing shape; and no rattles, or other structure/sound issues.

I’m in Rhode Island, but will ship if you insist! I am in need of a new cab for gig-specific purposes, and I just can’t have everything- not at the same time!

Call (401) 349-4456 if interested. Ask for Rog (or “Sloom”- my wife’ll know who you mean!) Reply for pix.