amplitube & ozone 3


Any of you guys tried Amplitube yet? If so can anybody give me their opinion on it please? I got a stand alone version of it w/ my AP 2496 card. I get a lot of latency ( running on DX) & i’ve been up & down the settings trying to kill it & nothing works. I don’t remember how to set it up for ASIO :p And, is anybody using Ozone 3 for mastering? Can somebody tell me what kind of luck their having w/ that please? I’ve played w/ Ozone 3 (the Demo) but it’s been a while. Thanx for info!! Turn me on to something good :O :laugh: Bang For The BUck!! :p

I got Amplitube live with my 1010lt. I’ve got to say that I am not really impressed. I like my J-station a lot better.
I am not really a hardware guy, but it just seams a bit more flexible.

I’ve not been real impressed w/ it neither & i think the product support is practically nonexistent.

Here’s an interesting alternative-
…sounds good to me…and it’s free!
the research papers and all are quite interesting,too

I have to give kudos to the might J station. Tons of great tones. Discontinued but can still be found on the eBay auction site. This will be one of the vintage pieces of gear in the future. IMHO


Ozone 3 is da bomb! Once ya get past all the green-effect (not the Ben Franklin’s). For the $ there is nothing like it. Plus there’s tons of presets available for dl on the website. I’ve used it for a couple of years now. Mastered 1 CD last year and usually throw a quick master on quick mixes for the players to take home with them. They sound much better than the original mix and are just knocked out by the pro sound you get. You can’t go wrong with it fer 200 bucks.
(no, I’m not affilated in any way with M-Audio other than my trigger finger and the ‘Oze’) :p