An Album produced on N-track

and a website to hear samples of it

Well, I’ve just finished the third Album I’ve produced on N-track studio. You can listen to the songs on the albums page at:
(yeah, some of the samples don’t play yet, sorry :D)

I think it came out pretty well, and the guy I did it for was quite pleased, but I’m always open to reading suggestions from other N-trackers!

Dave Faro Faro Studios

I had a quick listen to “Free” and “Disease”. I wasn’t in a good listening environment, so I can’t say much about the mixes.

The vox were well executed and cleanly recorded. They lyrical style reminded me a bit of the band “Squeeze” (esp. the hit song “Tempted”). I wasn’t really able to pick out the instrumental parts, so I would say that the tracks sound a bit busy, or “dense”. No ot a problem for me, because that means that there will be a lot of things that you can discover on re-listening to the song.

About the mixing … the vocals were at a good level, bit they sounded completely unaffected (i.e. no ambient vocals from the room you recorded in). This tends to make them float on top of the mix instead of mesh with it. If that’s not what you are going for, I’ve had good luck with using SIR with a very short, very dense reverb sample of my own design :laugh: But you should be able to get that ambient sound using any good reverb sound with early reflections.


I really liked the vocal sound, maybe you could share the setup with us.

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Ok guys, thanks for the comments!

We did want a very clean sound on the vocals, but that’s not to say they couldn’t have been a little more processed. I feel that his voice has a very nice feel to it pretty much as it is, so I didn’t feel much need to try to enhance it. Here’s an example of what I did with his voice: (the song free)

For recording the voice I have a pretty clean sounding room with carpet pad on the wall and ceilings to limit reverberation. I was fortunate to have room in my basement for this, (and such a dry basement) The floor has thick (old) carpet. This room gives a very clean sound, which may be what Ben noticed.
I use a Global Audio GXL2400 cardioid condenser microphone with an ART tubeMP pre-amp. I think together these cost me like $120 from, but that was a couple years ago so don’t hold me to that.
We use a windscreen up close to the mic, and he sings right into the mic, up close. He has a very smooth softer voice, so he was not too hard to record this way. This makes his voice quite ideal for most of his songs, a couple of them, like disease, required a little more experimentation to get the right sound, cause he doesn’t exactly have a rock singer’s voice. :)
Since I have a clean room, and he could sing pretty even volumed up close to the mic, I could record at lower levels to avoid clipping, and boost them up afterward. (By the way, the vocal for Everyday was recorded 4 years ago using an entirely different setup. It was the best he has ever sung it though, so we chose to work with that instead of doing a new take.)
Then, as far as how I processed the vocal:
N-track’s EQ, cutting off unnecessary low-end frequencies first, then tweaking a few points slightly down to de-emphasize strong frequencies.
N-track’s built in compressor is next, I have it set at the default point with a ratio of 1.5.
He sings pretty well in tune, but I used an old version of Antares Auto-tune very mildly to fix the small stable pitch problems. (the key word is mildly, if it has to do much, you’re better off without it :D )
Then I used blockfish from Fish Fillets to further compress and saturate the voice, I like the life blockfish gives it. This is an EXCELLANT free compressor.
I send the voice track to a vocal group for:
Spitfish, a de-esser. I found it useful here, although I try not to use it if I don’t have to. Spitfish also comes from Fish Fillets, also very good.
Then I used a plugin called X-cita set at 30 and 55. It is an exciter plug-in. I like it a lot, but usually prefer not to use it if possible. Here I felt I needed it.
I follow this up with Classic master plugin set just to be a limiter at the peak volumes of the voice, basically for the function of stopping the voice from peaking too badly in the mix.
The voice also goes to a vocal reberb bus with the Classic Reverb plugin in it. I have it set to vocal ambience (send) and I tried to apply it just to point that you can hear it, but with as little effect as possible. Also, I should note that I set the EQ on this reverb bus to cut out the low and high end at the right point so that the reverb just adds a little body to the vocal.
For the mix of the whole song, (which obviously affects the vocal) I used endorphin, with a small amount of saturation. I like Endorphin. I use Voxengo Span for analysis of the sound on the master channel, and Inspector after that for analysis of the output level and panning.

So, I probably typed more than anyone wants to read, but I know how helpful it has been to me to read what other people did so that I can get going in the right direction.

Thanks again for your comments!


I was checking out A Living Sacrafice. Very impressive recordings. Your songs are great and backed up by some strong talent.

Did you have anyone professionally master it after recording and mixing? I am think I am going to go that route to get the sound levels up.

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No, these recordings were processed completely on N-track.
I did not send them to anybody for anything except mass producing the copies.

I believe that N-track is powerful enough to satisfy anyone’s needs as far as music production goes. I personally would not send a CD to be mastered by someone else, but then again, music is almost always better when more people are involved.

Thank you for your positive feedback on the music!