An apprentice question for speakers

Guys, happy christmas

This may seems ugly but I hope you help me

I am recording (learning) with my small bench setup in my room with a set of multimedia speakers.

It has a woofer and 2 speakers
It has three rotator faders. First fader volume, the second bass and the third treble.

Say it has reading from 0 to 100
While mixing I keep the volume, bass and treble at 25.
Kindly inform me how much I have to rise , or keep the faders.

I hear the noisy and distortion audio on keeping the full volume on play back

Guys, kindly inform me how much the speaker volume should be while mixing


I presume you mean the fader in Reaper?

If the any of the meters on the tracks are showing over 0db then you will be distorting. You can tell in Reaper because the end of the meter goes rad and stays red. Reduce the volume of the tracks to stay within the limit. Then raise (or lower) the volume control on your speakers to make the overall volume comfortable for listening.

Have you bought the m-audio interface yet?

thanks mark

happy christmas adn new year

interface on 2 nd or 3 rd jan 2010