An over-the-top ballad

“She Spoke to Me”

I tried to do a lot of different things in the mix on this one. Other than hiring a better singer than myself, just curious how well the mix sounds. The song was originally written as an acoustic guitar duet, but now it’s kind of a cross between Barry Mannilow and the Everly Brothers. :p


is it possible to get at this without registering for guitars101?

My apologies, I didn’t realize that registration was required at that site. Here’s a different link to use; I’ll remove the one above.

ksdb’s “She Spoke to Me” (©2005)

That was pretty good. And the singing wasn’t half bad either. I’ve heard much worse for sure. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that I wanted to hear even more of the acoustic guitar, but didn’t. Its so rich, especially in the harmonized parts, I’d love to hear more of that in the solo…Gret job though.

You may consider pulling the cymbals back into the mix a bit. I find the hi-hat distracting at the beginning. I would remove the drums at the beginning completely. Bring them in quitely at 0:48 and then fully at 0:58. I would also play driving 1/8th notes on the hi-hat to give the song some energy.

The acoustic at the end has a horn-like sound. Have you considered adding horns? French horns would fit perfectly in this song.

Nice job. Very mellow and relaxing.

Thanks for the very thoughtful suggestions DLR Guitars and SaxAppeal. I appreciate the kind comments about my vocals. It would be nice to have a good singer available for the home sessions, but out of necessity I can kind of carry the tune. It’s never easy to listen to your own vocals. :D

I appreciate your thoughts about the acoustic guitar lead. In my first mix I had it a little more in the second verse, doing fills, but it was kind of stepping on the vocals. I might think some more about how to fit it in.

I like the suggestions on the drums. I used an app called Jammer Pro to program the drums. The drums originally start at the very beginning of the song and I already cut out a couple of measures. I’ll try cutting it to the suggested timing marks and see if that sounds better.

The thought about the French horn is amusing. On the intro, I layered some soundfonts to emulate an orchestra: two of the sound fonts are string ensembles and the third one is … French horn (although it’s a harmonized part and actually sounds a little bit like an oboe). It might be cool to try to come up with a French horn melody to sprinkle into the mix.

Thanks for the listens. Those are great ideas.

if you want to add some real French horn parts, let me know.


Quote (SaxAppeal @ April 06 2005,01:42)
if you want to add some real French horn parts, let me know.


Yeah, I haven't got back to this one yet, I worked to finish the other song posted here introducing my friend who sings well. Check that out too.

I just realized I misread your post. Are you offering to perform some live French Horn???

I finished the French horn part for the song and uploaded it to a website. I sent you a private message. Let me know if you didn’t get that message.


Thanks Keith. I’m excited to hear your performance. I don’t believe the PM went through, perhaps you could try again?