An unexpected addition to our musical family...

(need to learn to play it, though)

My wife’s company was cleaning stuff out from the offices and one of the items to go was a Hohner electric organ from the early eighties. So she asked (for me) how much they want from it and they finally said nothing, just to get it out of the premises until the end of the month.

So here it is, now, in my home studio, in its full glory:

Looks great (and massive!) and sounds pretty fine. Need some cleaning up inside, though… some of the keys don’t make sound. Probably just dirty contact surfaces.

Haven’t had any keyboard instrument for ages (since I sold my DX-21 in mid-nineties and bought a guitar to midi converter), so it’s really a time to brush up my nonexistent keyboard chops.

Totally cool. Looks like it is in great condition. :)

Is that snow I see out the window? ???

Nice, we have at our little church one similar, yamaha brand, that have two rca out, under the first keyboard, for recording purposes, or better amplifications.

Quote (Guest @ Oct. 27 2005,06:46)
Totally cool. Looks like it is in great condition. :)

Is that snow I see out the window? ???

It’s pretty well kept, but there are contacts inside in need of good cleaning. Some pots sound scratchy. The usual stuff with a 22 year old electronic device that probably hadn’t had any actual maintenance. But it’s a freebie, so I’m not complaining. :D

Yes, Tom, it’s snow. We had our first snowpour yesterday. Makes days much lighter here, in northern latitudes… probably all melted by the weekend, though. Usually it doesn’t stay before mid-December here in the coastside.

Marce, this one has two (mono) headphone outs and one external amp out. So far I like the speaker sound more, so I might try to record it with a microphone. Oktava MK-219 near the woofer should do the job pretty well.

(There’s a 12 inch woofer and a small tweeter, but seems that the woofer gets full freq and the low end is just cut before the tweeter. So no crossover as such.)

I liked the sound of the speaker in my organ, but I hated playing with a mic between my legs, so I just pulled it out and stuck it in a box with an open back - since the back of the organ was open. Much easer to work with that way. :)

Tom, you’re right. Here the speaker is on the right side of the front, eh, grille, so I think it should be pretty easy to mic. As long as I keep my right foot on the volume peda so I don’t accidentally bump my leg into the mic…

The backside has a thin veneer with generous amount of holes, so it should be pretty easy to mic from there, too.

Mwah is a dedicated soul… check out the pic on the computer monitor on the desk…


PS Cool organ! Reminds of the one my parents had/have. I think it’s buried somewhere in dads TV shop.

Go get it, TG ! :)

Nowhere to put it… :(


Way cool keyboard! Now to find an old Leslie cab!

Is dat a Paul on the Wall? :D

Quote (YazMiester @ Oct. 27 2005,18:38)
Way cool keyboard! Now to find an old Leslie cab!

Is dat a Paul on the Wall? :D

Yeah, I too thought I saw some useless plank next to a beautiful Strat... :)

Looks like a Gretsch or summat to me… I think I see a Bigsby?


It’s a Gretsch Duojet. No Bigsby, though, just the floating bridge and the tailpiece… it’s the one I won from the Fender* competition an year and an half ago.

“Beautiful Strat”?? Some of my friends call that one “The mad scientist guitar”… it’s been tinkered a lot…

I like them both. I tend to record rhythm parts with the Strat and lead (and slide) parts with the Duojet.

(* Fender owns Gretsch these days)

Ooooh - that’s the one David Gilmour plays in the ‘Meltdown Concert’.

Beautiful looks and sound …

If I have the money one of those is coming home.

Won in a competition ?

Wow !


SWEET axe Mwah! The metal pickguard support kinda looked like the arm on a tremolo at first glance. Cool guitar. I’d love to have a Gretsch someday.


Yep, you would :)

Ah headstock, yep. Duo looks alot like the old Rock Jets.
Wish I had my '72 back. :(