Analog Summing

Anyone wanna give me the 101 on this?

Analog Summing

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Bubbagump is probly up on the latest here anyway and could 'splain it in dummy for Poppa language.


Some engineers suggest that the biggest difference results from the increase in headroom that a summing device can provide over a DAW's summing bus; others dispute this.

I'm a disputer. I'm not an engineer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once. That may have been somewhat true a few years ago, but now virtually all DAW's worthy of the name use 64 bit mix engines. Can you say limitless headroom boys and girls? Well in practical use, limitless.

Is there some 'magic' imparted on audio by doing analog summing? I don't know but the guys making and selling this high-end gear sure want you to think so. I say spend your money on the front-end of your recording setup. Better mic's, better preamps, etc... A 'magic' analog summing buss would be way down on my personal list of "must haves". That's just me though... Besides all that, I'm sure I don't have the golden ears needed to even determine IF the 'magic' worked or not!

$0.02 (In today's economy though, that's $ -0.06 or "A nickel ain't worth two cents!")


Not much fer tech talk here Poppa, seems like a great way to promote a product for selling tho.







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