Ange writes again :)


Hey guys, this is my first recording using the new mic and tascam, (very rough take of me new song ‘0509’) lemme know what you think, but be gentle!

I’ve not mixed it or done anything other than press record, sing and put a smidgeon of reverb on my vocals.
What I need is some advice on what I can do to make the next take better?

I mic’d the guitar but it’s been very basy most of the time, not sure what to do about the ‘twangyness’ too and i’m also pretty sure that the harmonies could do with a lot of work and i’m aware that on one line I weaken on the last word, and some more layers could be good on some of the verse maybe. I guess it’s ok considering i’ve only spent a few hours on it today, but other than getting that ‘perfect take’ i’m not sure how to improve it?!

If anyone wants a go at the guitar, or anything else for that matter?

Anyhoo i like the song…very ‘me’ … hope you like it too.

Ange x


It is very you - trying to define that “you” you have is very tough for me. I hear everything in music history in that little tune. You have a style that is very you. I love it.
Anything I can do let me know Ange. (Still thinking Irish jiggy Appalachian folky mountain music)

:agree: :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree:
It's a beautiful song Ange! Perfect like it is!

About adding tracks. You know what happens when you start adding parts don’t you? The cool rhythm and often the original feel and identity of the song gets lost, and it becomes something else. And then how would you reproduce that on stage? How do you rationalize adding parts to your song? I’m sure that I could come up with something that would compliment what you have, but still it would kind of mask what is there. And what is there is very nice as is. Oh I forgot to tell you how much I like your guitar playing! Very good! Very tasty!

Levi is as right as rain. Add nothing.

It’s very nice. Vocals are not centered, of course this might be on purpose, could use a little re-verb on the guitar and more highs, just a little. Other wise it’s a very nice song. Almost Fleetwwod Mac kinda, which I love. So I guess this means I love you… LOL!! :love:

A quick question, you are a female anges, is that you voice? I know it’s stupid question. :;):

PACO (male)(dongle)(hairy legs) (beer belly) (happy) LOL!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Here Ange, to help shape the sound of your guitar make your graph look something like this.
Don’t let Bubba see this I don’t want to chatch hel.
droping the first nirdel will cut that muddy bottom.
The notch #2 is making at her midsection will (beleive it or not) give you more highs.
Adding 4 and dropping there should cut twaing and reduce any bitterness.
Lifting 3 should give you some chrispness.
I’m not an engineer but no one said a guitar player couldn’t experiment.
Adjust it to suit your likeing.
Save and name it.
Maybe you could get bubba to do an image like this for you, he knows what he’s doing.

Also, do you ever record the guitar and then your voice later?
Once you have the song memorized you could do that for a little better mixing quality on each very quiet track.
I look at recordings like paintings.
Or works of clay, to shape and mold.
But then a majical jam is always great to!
Love the song,

Oh don’t forget to add a little compression to your guitar!
Not soft limiter, add a little compression.
Your voice would be fun to experiment with, lol PW could make you sound like Dusty Hill! :laugh: now wouldn’t that be intresting!!!

Levi, you are too kind, thank you for your sweet words and thanks for the graph! it’s soo much easier to understand when you put it up ‘idiot proof’ for me, i really do struggle to understand what people are talking about on here sometimes, I’ll have a go at that n let you know how i get on.

Paco…behave! i is a taken woman!
mind you


(male)(dongle)(hairy legs) (beer belly) (happy)
… you do sound kinda hard to resist!


I hear everything in music history in that little tune. You have a style that is very you. I love it.

… this from you!.. I am touched and very, very proud, thank you .x


Add nothing.
:( no fair…I hear the strings of a mandolin, please :love:

Ange x

I hear lots too… Did you use a click track or does your tempo just sound that solid naturally?

Good one girl! Harmonies sound great! :)

Love the lyrics, backup vocals are wonderful, good guitar work, a real gem of a song. Love it!

I’m sure a little accompaniment would fill it out nicely, but your vocals and acoustic guitar sound mighty fine all by their lonesome. Great little song.

I my mind’s eye I can see the metronome tic-toc’in away… :laugh: This young generation… It’s all born into them… They got it from the parents and their families and all… They don’t need to think about these little details…

A few years back their was an Aussie Duo that mailed their tracks out for Post Production/Mix… Do any of you remember that ?

In my opinion, this is the toughest part of completing a project…

You might consider sending out your tracks to your selected few … let them stretch your tracks out on their n-Track Editor-and-Timeline to see what they can come up with in a Post Production/Mix… The Noise Floor and Dynamics of your tracks sound just great on the mp3 upload/link… What resolution are they in ????


Awww thanks guys


Did you use a click track or does your tempo just sound that solid naturally?

I must confess, i’m still very dunce when it comes to using N, I have no idea how to create or use a click track! I normally just have the metronome playing through my headphones.


The Noise Floor and Dynamics of your tracks sound just great on the mp3 upload/link…
What resolution are they in ?

urm, i’m gonna pretend to understand that and say… the bit rate is 192 and i’ve never knowingly changed the
Noise ‘Floor and Dynamics’!!!

Hi Angy:

I’m just up and going here this morning…
Sorry, if i sound Smart

I’m sittin’ here enjoying some n-Track User Music today…

Most of the guys here track with whatever audio hardware they have-and-use with comes on their computers…
The reselution usually is at the audio card’s default…
Some of the specs look like this…

Track Properties…

16 Bits @ 44.1 khz.

24 Bits @ 48 khz.

24 Bits @ 192 khz.

something like that…
depending on the quality and investment you have in your audio hardware…

I’m sounding
*Smart * …



hey Bill, sorry, i’m still kinda slow at this recording stuff. Anyhoo, I think i’m with you now…

24 bits @ 44.1 me thinks!

Ange x

Those are quite respectable specs…

What happens many times is…

You write the lyrics

You arrange the melody

You record the tracks

You edit-and-mix the tracks

You master the tracks

We are all guilty of this process with our creativity…
Collaboration with all of these steps makes for a better End product…
It takes a lot of trust and forgivness to get to the end product…

Most of my input came when I would suggest that the tempo was Too Fast…
Too Slow…
After that they didn’t want to Hear me…


:agree: A simple way to make a click track would be to record your metronome for 5 min or so.
You could always normalize it if it records to low in volume. Edit,normalize, ok.
It's a shame they don't have that for musicans
:laugh: Or did I mean engineers? Hmmmmmm?