Ange writes again :)

Not been able to comment for a while but that’s great Ange.

Nice song and your recording technique’s come on thick and fast too!
Well done :agree:


A simple way to make a click track would be to record your metronome for 5 min or so
fantastic, gave it a go today, got a few teething probs but i'll get there (is there any way to internally record the metronome?)

Thanks Spreadie..i'm waiting on your soundclick page for your next song...

Ange x

Ha! May be a while on that one. Don’t think I’ll have time to write anything before Christmas now…

Here’s how I do a click track completely on N.

1. Add channel:Add New Instrument channel:nTrack Drums

2. Click ‘steps’ on the drum box that opens

3. Click the end box on the ‘length’ column

4. I use hi hat closed, so check the boxes in the grid that correspond and press play to see if it works. Also set the bpm.

5. Then click the piano roll icon (little keyboard)

6. Set channel to 16 and output to nTrack Drums

7. Hit the piano roll button, and click the note icon to enable you to put data in.

8. Click on c3 every few bars until you reach 3 or 4 minutes worth of audio.

9. Mixdown the track.

Now you have your own .wav clicktrack.

Sorry it’s a little long winded but I can do that really quickly now. Takes about 2 minutes to do.

I’m CERTAIN someone will come up with a better way!!

You should probably learn spreaders technique, I"m going to too. But a simpler way would be to just stick your mic on your metrodome Ange.
And hit record for a little longer than your songs length, encase you go wild and jam extra and good and want to keep that.
Then “save it as; :agree:
your songs name”, then your good to go.

Ange, I’m assuming you have an out bord metrodome. If your talking about the ntrack metrodome. Just learn spreaders technique.

It really is a LOT less complicated than it looks…