Annoying delay on track


Hey people.

To put this simple:
I have a song. I added to the song hand clap samples to sit on the snare hits. My problem is that for some reason only the first hand claps sit with the snare and then they start to delay. It gets worse and worse as the track goes along. I added tambourine samples too but they stay on tempo with the rest of the track. the hand claps and tambourine are 44.1 khx 16b and the rest of the tracks are 88.2 24B but this can’t be the cause because the tambourine stays on tempo but the hand claps start to delay. I have individually set every single hand clap to sit with the snare so it cant be about editing problems. They are on correct places on the rhythm track but for some reason they start to delay out of tempo.

Anybody know what is going and wnd what to do about it?

I’m not sure but you can try this. Assuming your project settings are 88,000hz@24 bit, take the hand claps and tambourine (unedited) which are 44,000hz and mix them down/up to 88,000hz@24bit and then reinsert them. Mixing different audio samples of different hz can cause problems.

Hope this helps,


Thanks. Tried that, it didn’t work. However, I changed the transpose on the handclaps track to -1 and somehow it seems it’s working now!

I’m again having this same problem with the same settings. This time it doesn’t seem to be going away.

What version of n-Track are you currently using?