Anone using SB Audigy 4 soundcard with n-Track?

Is anyone out there using the Sound Blaster Audigy 4 soundcard
successfully with n-Track, or are you having problems with the
system crashing when you specify 24-bit recording options?

The devices listed in the Audio playback and recording devices
windows, of my n-Track Recording Settings/Audio devices, are:
- Creative ASIO
- M-Audio JamLab ASIO
- MME: SB Audigy 4 [C400]
- MME: Wave Mapper
- SB Audigy 4 ASIO 24/96 [C400]
- SB Audigy 4 ASIO [C400]
- WDM: SB Audigy 4 [C400]
When I go into n-Track to set up the preferences and settings,
I discovered that n-Track defaulted, after the initial install, to
the MME: Wave Mapper device driver for the recording and
playback settings. So, either the User Manual is wrong (because
it states [QUOTE: “The program by default selects a WDM driver
if any is found installed on the system” :/QUOTE] - which they are
(see last entry in the above list) or there’s a problem between
n-Track and the Audigy 4 software.
The current problems I’m having seem to be with which recording
and playback device drivers (that is: MME / WDM / Asio / etc. / etc.)
I select in combination with the 16-bit / 24-bit / 24-bit unpacked /
24-bit unpacked left justify AND mono / stereo / stereo --> 2 mono
recording settings options.
Most - but not all combinations (these are the ones I’m trying to
identify) - seem to cause the system to crash.
Can anyone suggest how I can fix this problem, please?

Deja Vous ?

Deja Vous Dux… :)