Anone using SB Audigy 4 soundcard with n-Track?

Have you had any problems with set-up?

Is anyone out there using the Sound Blaster Audigy 4 soundcard successfully with n-Track, or are you having problems with the system crashing when you specify 24-bit recording options?

The devices listed in the Audio playback and recording devices windows of my n-Track Recording Settings/Audio devices, are:
- Creative ASIO
- M-Audio JamLab ASIO
- MME: SB Audigy 4 [C400]
- MME: Wave Mapper
- SB Audigy 4 ASIO 24/96 [C400]
- SB Audigy 4 ASIO [C400]
- WDM: SB Audigy 4 [C400]
When I go into n-Track to set up the preferences and settings, I discovered that n-Track defaulted, after the initial install, to the MME: Wave Mapper device driver for the recording and playback settings. So, either the User Manual is wrong (because it states <!–QuoteBegin>

“The program by default selects a WDM driver if any is found installed on the system”
- which they are (see last entry in the above list) or there’s a problem between n-Track and the Audigy 4 software.
The current problems I’m having seem to be with which recording and playback device drivers (that is: MME / WDM / Asio / etc. / etc.)
I select in combination with the 16-bit / 24-bit / 24-bit unpacked / 24-bit unpacked left justify AND mono / stereo / stereo --> 2 mono recording settings options.
Most - but not all combinations (these are the ones I’m trying to identify) - seem to cause the system to crash.
Can anyone suggest how I can fix this problem, please?

I think the manual is out of date a little about what it defaults to. n-Tracks default to the Wave Mapper, whatever that is. It happens to show up as MME: Wave Mapper in n-Tracks so that’s why it defaults to an MME device in this case. My work machine has an Audigy 2 and does the same thing.

ASIO is royally screwed on my work machine. This soundcard is a normal full retail Creative Audigy 2. ASIO will ONLY work at 48k-16 bits. At those settings there are 8 input pairs and 8 output pairs showing, yet this card only supports stereo in and 5.1 output.

Creative cards can be more than a little screwy and Creative’s own drivers more than a little suspect, as my work machine shows when using ASIO.

I know this doesn’t help solve your problem. I’m fiddling right now trying to find a combination that seems to work well. If I find something I’ll let you know.

BTW: I don’t use this machine for n-Tracks usually…it is my work machine. :)

Thanks Phoo,
At least you seem to be getting very similar results to the ones I got when I tried using the Asio device driver recording settings in Preferences.
I found I could only record at the 16-bit setting, and had eight in and eight out channels too.
When I set the device driver to WDM, the recording settings seem to want to use the 24-bit unpacked left justify option. However, when I try to record, the system crashes (just freezes up and has to be reset / rebooted).
If I find a combination of settings that works with one of the 24-bit options, I’ll let you know.

I didn’t but should have mentioned that the 8 pairs of IO are all the pins on the soundchip. They are unfortunately all named exactly the same thing. Each pair is a different thing, like the Mic, Line, TAB and AUX (physical inputs on the soundcard’s circuit board), and a whatever else might be an input choice. You can see them in SndVol32 (Window’s Mixer).The output pairs are a similar situation. Through experimentation it’s not too hard to figure out what most map to. Unfortunately, ASIO is sort of made to expose all or nothing.

I didn’t crash when recording. I can’t get 24 bit ASIO to even work period. I get an error that says the device can’t be opened. Yes, I have the 24 bit version of n-Tracks and this soundcard is SUPPOSED to support 24 bits, according to Creative. I have yet to get it to work at 24 bits in any app.

I don’t have your manual for specs but a quick look at creative’s site shows the Audigy2 and the 4 using the same drivers so this is based on my Audigy2 but probably applies to yours as well.

Firstly, Creative cards don’t do well on the first slot of the motherboard. If that’s where yours is try moving it to the last slot.

Creative ASIO has 2 flavors. 16 bit at 48 and 24 bit at 96. That’s it. Infact if you are using WDM you should make the same choices. Creative cards are native 48.


Hi KingFish!
Thanks for the info about Creative Asio.
StuH has sent me a link to the ASIO4ALL site where I’'ve downloaded some Asio drivers that will probably work OK with my Audigy 4 SC.
I’ll let you know how I get on.
Thanks for your help anyway.

thank you soooo much for telling me about that website.
I dowloaded those ASIO drivers from ASIO4ALL and I’m pleased to say that they worked a treat, and I’ve now got n-Track up and running OK.
So far, so good - no system crashes!
I can record OK at 24-bit using the Audigy 4 SC, and use any sample size I chose - no problems.
You can probably guess what I’m going to be doing over my four-day weekend…
Have a great Easter, and thanks again.