Another decent mic

Beyer Dynamic TGX58

Bought one on ebay for a tenner including shipping (let’s call that USD 20). Tried it live last weekend. Fantastic mic. Prefered it to my 58 Beta. Slightly brighter in the right places. On vocals that is.

New price is slightly less than an SM58 here in the UK but certainly a nice vocal mic.

Might help someone to know this…


Hi Mark A:

You working towards a mic locker that’s gonna be tough to match…

When Leonard was with us …
he had a Senhousier < spelling… Model
It turned out it was a hand-held ribbon mic…
What a beautiful mic for vocals…

Yeah, seems to be my new favourite ebay search… cheap mics. :=)

In the last couple of months I’ve picked up two SM48s, an AT MB2000, and now the Beyer - all covered by the cost of the sale of one of my old SM58s.

I’ve also got a 58 beta that I’ve had for ages, and a 58. I also have a really cheap Sennheiser which I think I picked up secondhand. I class these as “stage” mics; I probably should start looking at “studio” mics but they don’t seem to go so cheaply. I already have a Rode NT1a which I use for most things and a couple of those $5US Karma mics that the folks here helped me get hold of. All in all, not bad!