Another guy with LIVE effects problems...

Live effects

Ok, hi everybody. I can"t get Live effects to let me hear them when I hit the LIVE button and play my guitar or whatever until after I playback a wav I’ve recorded. I’ve tried the audio/midi recording mode and looked for a “Let me hear only Live audio” button on my soundcard (realtek AC97) (WindowXP) but I can’t find one. I’ve used n-track since Ver1.3 was new but never really tried hearing LIVE at the time until I got a new guitar. I welcome any wisdom you can spare me…

Trying to play the guitar while monitoring via N-track after pressing the LIVE button has never worked very well for me because of latency. If you just want to hear the guitar while you are recording, you will probably do best to listen via the zero latency headphone plug on your sound card if it has one.


Are you sure you are not hearing both the affected signal (via LIVE) and the dry signal (via the soundcard)? The dry signal may mask the affected one so it seems that it’s not there.

Depending on your soundcard you need to open up the Playback mixer and untick your source (eg Line in). That way the soundcard won’t monitor the input for you and you need to rely on LIVE to do that for you.

But as said above by T, latency can get you…

Ok I tried unclicking my MIC input selector on my playback soundcard screen and I still only hear a clean guitar sound. If it was a latency problem wouldn’t I eventually hear at least a little of the effect? All I ever hear is my guitar clean and in real time. Do I need a different soundcard or does LIVE input just not work? Maybe it’s just me… I’ve tried pushing the buttons softer and being more sensitive but she won’t listen …

have you tried this - click on hammer on input VU meter - tick box saying allow live input processing on this channel ?

and what effect(s) sre you trying yo use ?

Dr J

I’m afraid I already checked " the allow live input" box on the VU meter. I am trying mainly to hear guitar distortions from freeamp2, but would be a little happy if any effect worked. So far I’ve only tried one effect at a time so I wouldn’t overload the system. All the effects work great on playback of recorded tracks, but never live.

I found my problem. It seems my playback was set for 24bit and my record was set for 16bit. I credit and thank Dr. Jackrabbit for the assist in getting me to look around on my settings! Now I just have to fine tune that latency thing. Thanks again to all.

for ASIO select low sample rate from input devices control panel - for WDM and MME select low buffer setting from Ns buffer setting - if audio out breaks up increase sample rate/buffer settings upwards till OK - compensate for plugin latency in prefs only works on playback -

Dr J