Another happy song

Your feeling about this song will probably depend on your tolerance for mopey Emo anthems and weird tunings.
Fortunately I’ve just discovered that my guitar also makes major chords so I’ve got something new to experiment with next time!

Any suggestions on the mix would be helpful. In particular - how much compression do you guys generally apply to the master channel?

A Long Time of Rain

Man, that is good. Great use of the drums. Great use of the strings. Cool modal stuff. But…is it just my headphones, or is the verb all on one side (my right channel)? (edit: the problem is on my end - seems one channel of my headphone amp is messing up.)

How was the main vocal recorded, processed?

The main vocal was doubled and then panned left/right without reverb. In the middle is a version using the Clone Ensemble VST, but that’s mixed pretty low.

Glad you liked the song… it was fun to mess around with a string section which is something I don’t usually use. That was done using the Campbell’s Strings soundfont.

Good song, good JOB!

Maybe just a little muddy in middle part, can’t hear vocal.

Overall, I like it! :agree: