Another on my top 10 greatest

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I got a BAD jonesin’ for a Gretsch but I’m afraid I’ll have to set my sights a little lower. (read cheaper…)

These are the most affordable full size Gretsches. If you shop around some you should be able to find these for pretty cool money. The brand new ones are getting rave reviews over at the Gretschpages. The pictures show single coil pups but they also had some Filtertron models at NAMM. I want one of these Dyna models myself to supplement my Filtertron one. And a baritone. And a… you get the picture :)

Just be aware that Fender owns 'em now and they screwed up Jackson and Guild when they gobbled them up. There was a deal about fret wires coming loose a year or so ago. Just make sure you play it before you buy it.


Fender took Guild guitars down a sorry road! Thank the Lord for my '76 Guild Jumbo!

Too bad about Guild but Gretsch is the one Fender’s doing right.

Yeah, Ted’s stint with #### Yankees, that was some real gold!

You guys slay me. :D

Toker, you have miss interpreted me once again.
I NEVER SAID BUDDY WAS ALL WASHED UP! but now… you have! :laugh:
I knew the Neil Young comment was gonna blow your top.

Good ones Yaz, there are exeptions to every rule! And you my freind picked some good ones.
I just picked a few off the top of my head, who had been around just as long as Buddy would have been, to prove the point.

Yes it is true many artist do get better with age, especially preformance wise, hey practice makes perfect and let’'s face it, when you get 50 years to practice, you better be #### near perfect.

Perhaps it’s not the artist who get’s worse, but the inspiration, after all we are what we eat. And if you look at the 60’s there was alot more to eat (not talkin about shrooms here!)
So it’s could be the “era” we can never return to that make the music produced later not as good,(or at least not as timeless) not the artist just getting old and letting their fingernails grow down to the floor as they stay secluded in there hotel rooms for years high on the best drugs money can buy, or their doctor can prescribe.

Hey, I didn’t think this theory was gonna go over too big with a group of aging artist! :p

Maybe it’s the innocents that’s lost as we age…? Putting a different perspective on our words and music?


AGING ARTISTS? Hey now, I resemble that remark, LOL. I think it’s the mind set as you age. You start seeing your music as the last thing you leave behind as a legacy or what not. You want people maybe to say, hey, that tune was really well written and played. Now if you were in the band ‘Kiss’, you don’t have that option to leave behind a handful of mindless 3 chord tunes. Still strutting for your cold gin.
Guess I will bring the wrath of ‘Kiss’ fans down on me head for that remark, such is life.

Anyone think of an artist who started with mindless 3 chord tunes and actually wrote and played more intricate music in their later years?

Hey, KISS really had it going - they had a very profitable act. You know that MTV commercial where the guy puts on his sister’s makeup to look like Gene Simmons and plays air guitar?

I was Ace F. :)

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I was Ace F. :)


Rock Soldiers! well that's my favorite song on that album.

I was totally Gene. And KISS’s songs weren’t ALL bad. Actually Paul Stanley can put together a very decent song - he just usually pumps out the power chords cos thats what the KISS fans want.

God, I hope they don’t tour again though…


Anyone think of an artist who started with mindless 3 chord tunes

You know who has made a CAREER out of that and does not deny it one bit? ???

Why none other than Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard! ZZTop baby! Yeah! Them guys KNOW how to throw it down dude… one of my favorite bands. Go back to their early stuff, then hit their 80’s stuff… then check out “Rythymeen”. Full circle. Great, great band. Great musicianship. ZZ rocks IMO…


PS Kiss? Eh… they were OK. It’s a shame though that they had to hire a guy to play Ace last time around because he could not get his crap together enough to play his own stuff…
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Anyone think of an artist who started with mindless 3 chord tunes and actually wrote and played more intricate music in their later years?

Status Quo... Well except for the more intricate bit!! :)
And I love them for it!
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What band do you think I heard the most of growing up in Alabama? Lynyrd Skynyrd of course. Now when they come on the radio I hit the seek button... Unless the song is NOT Freebird, Sweet Home Alabama, Gimme Three Steps or Needle and Spoon. LS had a buttload of cool songs that never got much airplay... Those few though... UGH! After a billion and three listens... enough already!

" That Smell " Always loved that song. Ditto with Freebird, heard it toooooo many times!


SkiN-erd, hey I still love some Skynyrd songs, not the radio crap. I Need You , Made In The shade, On The Hunt, cool songs. ZZ Top, yep, great band, Saw 'em in '73 opening for Alice Cooper. They blew me away for 3 piece band. But they didn’t fit in with Cooper.
Went to outdoor concert in mid ‘70’s Line up was
Point Blank (this was their very first LP)
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Elvin Bishop
ZZ Top

Point Blank rocked!
Skynyrd played during a thunder storm.
Elvin Bishop didn’t show up.
ZZ Top sucked!
I was highly disappointed.

Wow I’m just babblin’ on and on, jeesh! :O