Another one of the good guys gone.

Larry Knechtel

OH MAN!!! What a loss!

How ironic I was talking just last week about seeing Bread and how sappy and bland they seemed to me at the time. The thing that stood out most, aside from the long list of beautiful love songs, was the fact that most actually sounded better live with no strings, and that the keyboardist was the guy that did Bridge of Troubled Water. No one knew until David Gates mentioned that they had a new member of the band…they did a great version of that just to show him off. I had no idea at the time how historic that song would become and how nice a memory it would be to have seen Bread with THE GUY that played piano on that. I was on the first row right below him. Funny at the stuff you remember. What was a wimpy concert at the time is a nice long term memory. Anyway that was back in the very early 70’s — 1971?

I got to see him too phoo - just before the orange sunshine kicked in. Bread opened for Santana. Back in the 70’s also.

Bummer. Larry was phenomenal musician. Did some excellent guitar work also when in Bread.
Can’t imagine orange sunshine and then Bread opening for Santana. Just Bread opening for Santana is a trip in itself.
Bread music made for a lotta wet panties walking around in the late 60’s early 70’s tho! (I didn’t type that)

Why doesn’t that name jog my memory/recall ????..
What’s some of the history on the group Bread ?
He appears, to me, to be one of those studio guys that doesn’t get any credit for the great work he does…

that’s tough…

I wonder if the kids coming up, know who he is ????


Wow - I loved the piano intro in BOTW and I didn’t realize that he had won a Grammy for the arrangement. I also didn’t realize that he was in Bread (a band I did NOT listen to).

Unfortunately, we’re going to see a lot of these guys die because they’re all getting into their late 60’s and they did NOT take care of themselves as musicians in the 60’s/70’s.

I just found some more of Larry’s work.

What a session!