Another song from my daughter

Kate, who is 8 :slight_smile:

The song is “Somtimes” - here:

Sometimes - click here


Brilliant Tom :D You must be proud Daddy!

Tom. Thanks for posting this. It warmed my cold heart (which is cold because of the cold Texas weather these days, not because of inner darkness, of course).





Yes, I admit it, she is brilliant. :)

Um…KBub…cold Texas weather? Are you up at the top of the state or something? Michigan weather…now we’re talking cold…almost as bad as, say, Wisconsin…or that place woxnerw calls home… ???

Check your coldest spot in the nation info - Gunnison Colorado - consistently up there (or down there). But it’s home.

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 26 2007, 5:28 PM)

Um...KBub...cold Texas weather?

Are you suggesting that it's not the cold weather, that it must be an inner darkness after all? I guess it doesn't matter. One way or the other, it's warmer (or brighter) today.