Another song from Steale ...

Please critic!!

You all seemed to like “Silver Wings” … what do you think of this one??? It’s kinda on the other end of the spectrum.

Feel free to be harsh … i can take it! :cool:

Feel So Alive


Here are my 2 cents worth on Feels So Alive.

Nice song.

I like the acoustic intro. When the drums come in, it seems that there is either a lot of echo or reverb on the bass drum that is distracting. At 0:24 the rhythm guitar come in and to me it has way too much distortion that covers everything up. I would clean up the guitar a bit so the other instruments can be heard. I think the tone for the screaming lead guitar licks are fine. I am saying play it clean but just with less grunge.

I think the rhythm guitar is still too grungy in the bridge (1:18). I do like the squeeling lead lick. How you come out of the bridge with the acoustic intro riff is nice (1:53).

At 2:15 is a good example of the over grundge that I hear with the rhythm guitar. At 2:53 the rhythm guitar is much better but still should be cleaner.

Not sure I like the ending. I know that you are going for that abrupt ending but it just doesn’t do it for me. I would prefer the intro riff to end the song or carry the ending you have one measure more and end it on the first beat of the measure with a staccato ending.

The song reminds me of Simple Plan who I saw when I took my 12-year-old daughter to see Avril Lavigne. My car was stolen at the concert but that is another story.

Overall it is a good song and I really like the lead guitar licks balanced with the acoustic guitar. How about some harmony vocals too? I hear many places to add some harmonies.


Now that’s what I’m talkin about! Excellent critic! I appreciate the specific details.

The grunge on the guitars were a choice. (Be it good or bad.) I think the real objective here is separation. The tracks are really muddy, I know. I think the best way to clean it up is with EQ. (Rolling off the highs and lows to give each guitar it’s own voice in the mix.) Unfortuanately it’s a skill thing, (ear thing), I haven’t quite mastered yet.

I really like your ideas for the ending. Espcially the extra measure one. I might try that one it sounds good. Nobody likes the ending but I ended it that way for the shock value. I like to watch people fall off the edge of their chairs! :p

Harmonies… nice observatoin. Hadn’t considered it but I can hear some good harmonies there too.

My decision now is whether to make any changes or move on to something new. If I change it I’ll definitely let you know to see what you think.

All and all your critic is valuable!! I’m glad you’re not shy about it… like Jerm. (Just funnin’ ya Jerm!)

Let me know how the compression works out on "Chestnuts"

Thanks a million,

i like the heavy guitars, but i think you could get a better tone on those distorted guitars… curious how you recorded the grungy rhythym guitars and the lead part… what is the path from guitar to n? mic’d amp, or something direct?

the ending is abrupt, i will agree, but it might sound better with as much as a change to the drum sequence that fits the ending a bit better. i’m all for abrupt endings, but this is more like a “left loose and hanging” or something…

somehow reminds me of everclear.

I hate to admit it but that’s direct in. I get the grunge from my DOD GS30. It sucks for everything but grunge. It kills any tube warmth but thats ok for grunge cause gunge is such a solid state sound anyways.