Another song.

HeySAX:Gettin’old and playin’ Rock&Roll

Hey All
Here is another song that my band finally put down. We’ve had this in the works for about a year and have kind of settled into a Canned Heat type of groove. We have 120 years of playing out, amongst us. We are gettin’ old :D
Check it out and let me know what you think. We haven’t overdubbed the leads.The vocals are down in the mix so I could cut some of the drum bleed, they are going to be overdubbed.
Sax, this is my bands take :)
Old Rock&Roller

I hear ya Jer. As President Clinton said “I feel your pain”.

Boost the vocals as you mentioned and I think this recording in right on. You really do a good job at mixing. Super clear on the instruments.

Keep rockin’ :cool:


awesome man. I agree that the vocals could use a little boost, but otherwise, AWESOME.

I like it as is, nice slide guitar playing.
If I was in your band, I would be singing a high harmony along with your lead in a few parts. I can “hear” an easy harmony in there!