antares harmony engine

As a one man band, I am looking for some good plugins for adding a little harmony to tracks on occasion. My problem is after downloading a demo version of a couple, NTrack does not see either in the add instrament channel. Both the files are unopenable in drag and drop mode so any help or more compatible plugins would be appreciated.

Have you put them in the correct folder? Have you tried a re-scan?

tnx tony, yes I have antares and another couple in plug in folder. I can’t find them when after clicking them from plug in folder and opening Ntrack. I only know to look in add channel for the plug ins and none show up.
not sure what a rescan is.

Ok. So your plugs are in Program Files > FASoft > nTrack# > VST Plugins, yes?

Check you are in midi mode by toggling the keyboard/mic/keyboard+mic button in the upper toolbar. Create new Midi track as you describe above. In the channel mixer strip to the left of the main timeline/wave form screen are two buttons - the top one says “All Channels, All Devices” - this is where you enter the midi channel number - leave it where it is for now. The bottom one is where you choose your instrument in the dropdown when you left click.

Re-scan. Below the track channel fader is a window, left click in the bottom left corner, in this track fx window click the spanner button, this opens the fx settings box, in the bottom left is the "re-scan"


Thank tony, will try all that, do not have any midi setup, hope it works as vocal plugin.

It’s listed as “Partially compatible” with n-Track at Antares web site. There is probably some routing function or similar that won’t work in n-Track… don’t know.

It does have an “Automatic mode” but to get the best results you’ll need to feed the engine some MIDI data to create the harmony “voices” more accurately. I played around with a demo of this when it first came out. The “Auto mode” just sucked to be honest.

Where you might possibly be screwed is IF n-Track won’t allow routing of MIDI data to the plugin. This is one of those plugs that has to have audio input (what you want to modify/duplicate/harmonize) AND MIDI data (how you want to modify/duplicate/harmonize) so if the MIDI input is not possible, you’ll be stuck with the lousy “Automatic mode”.

I’d get the demo and try it out good before I laid out any cash…


PS The above in reference to Antares Harmony Engine.