Antares knockoff?

Does anyone know of an antares knock off that might be cheaper (maybe…FREE?) which does the basic job of pitch correction? Is Antares simply the only game in town?

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How’s this:…00039DB

the link is not working, appear a copy&past confussion

I’d guess he means THIS THREAD, marce. Just found it and haven’t read it yet.


Quote (teej813 @ April 13 2005,13:24)
I'd guess he means THIS THREAD, marce.

Yup. Pretty much sums it up. sorry to be so lazy.

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Thanks Teej.
If you are looking for a freeware option to Pitch correction, here is a project, sound interesting and appear growing, but i have not tested , since it only work in XP:

Sorry for the screw up, meant to link to the Oberheim site. You’re right, copy & paste error.